BIRT 3.x on Tomcat 6 with JDK 6

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BIRT 3.x on Tomcat 6 with JDK 6

As of 3.7, deploying BIRT to an existing Tomcat instance is quick and easy.

If you have not already installed Tomcat 6 with JDK 6, you can do so here.


Step 1: Create a directory and download BIRT 3.x

Step 2: Unzip

Step 3: Move the WebViewerExample directory to TOMCAT/webapps

Step 4: Rename the directory to something easy to type

Step 5: Download jdbc driver and save to Tomcat/lib directory.

Step 6: Download and install Jason Weathersby’s Filename Generator

Step 7: Delete the BIRT webcontent directory.